Rainbow Disco Club 2019
Rainbow Disco Club 2019 Rainbow Disco Club 2019
Rainbow Disco Club
Rainbow Disco Club 2019
SAT 27—MON 29 APR 2019


Rainbow Disco Club 2019



Rainbow Disco Club
After Movie

Area Map

Area Map


  • STAGE1 (3 days)  10,000yenSOLD OUT
  • STAGE2 (3 days)  12,000yenSOLD OUT
  • STAGE3 (3 days)  14,000yenSOLD OUT
  • STAGE4 (3 days)  16,000yenSOLD OUT
  • STAGE5 (3 days)  18,000yenSOLD OUT
  • STAGE6 (3 days) 20,000yen
  • Camp Ticket 4,000 YEN
    *A Camp ticket is required for each camping tent.
  • Parking Ticket 3,000 YEN
  • BANANA BUS tour
  • *No day tickets will be sold after the advance tickets are sold out.
  • *A parking ticket is required for each car.


3348 Inatori, Higashi Izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka


Get off at Izu-Inatori Station on Izu Express.

Shinjuku ~ Izu-Inatori [Odoriko Express] 2h 30min. No transfer.
Shinjuku ~ Izu-Inatori [Regular Train] 3h 30min. 2~3 transfers.

How to get to Higashi-Izu Cross Country Course from Izu-Inatori Station

Take the bus for Animal Kingdom 10min
Take a cab 10min


From Kanto: Get on the Tomei Highway from Atsugi I.C.

Atsugi I.C. ~ Odawara ~ Atami ~ Ito ~ Higashi-Izu Cross Country Course 2h 40min



  • A ticket is only valid for one person. (Children under secondary school are free of charge.)
  • A tent ticket is required for each tent.
  • The tickets will be exchanged with wristbands at the entrance gate.
  • We cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged wristbands and will not re-issue. You must keep safe of the wristbands and please do not take it off during the festival.
  • The tickets cannot be exchanged or canceled once it’s purchased.
  • There will be no refund in case of cancellation due to artist cancellation, change, emergency, and unfortunate weather.
  • You will be receiving the purchased tickets (entrance ticket, tent ticket, parking ticket) in March.


  • A parking ticket will be required for each car. If you are planning to come by cars please purchase the parking tickets beforehand.
  • You must park your cars in the designated parking areas.
  • Please do not lose your parking permissions, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • Vans and buses that are over 6m cannot be parked.
  • Parking fee for a motorcycle is 500 YEN. No tickets are required. Please pay at the entrance gate.
  • Lodging or sleeping in the parking area with camping cars are not permitted.


  • A tent ticket is required for each tent. Please purchase in advance.
  • A tent space is 4m×3.5m per tent ticket. Please pitch your tent within this square. There will be enough space for all ticket holders, but please keep in mind that the space is first come first serve.
  • No tents are allowed outside of the designated areas.
  • If you would like to use a tarp or parasol next to your tent, you will need a tent ticket for that space too.
  • No direct fire on the ground, please use gas type barbeque grills. No charcoal grills are permitted.
  • The whole venue is not regularly for camping. Please be careful with the use of pegs, grills and camp fire and do not ruin the grounds. We appreciate your cooperation for the continuous use of the venue for RDC.
  • Please do not play loud sounds or music with speakers in the tent site areas.


  • No glass bottles/cans/alcoholic beverages, fireworks and other explosives, dangerous goods, and anything that are prohibited by the law are permitted. They will be confiscated and disposed, or handed over to police once we have spotted them.
  • Please smoke in the smoking areas or carry around your ashtrays.
  • Plastics, cans and combustible trash must be separated and can be disposed at the trash station. We would appreciate your help by bringing them home. Thank you.
  • Pets are allowed inside, but please be responsible for anything that your pet might do, and prevent troubles.
  • All belongings should be managed individually.
  • Carrying exercise toys and playing tools is permitted, but must be safe.
  • The venue is surrounded by nature. Please do not harm them.
  • No parking around the venue and sleeping outside. Please keep quiet in the early morning and midnight.
  • The festival is held during the day for long hours. Please prepare for severe climate change and weather. Frequent intake of water is necessary and be careful of heat stroke.
  • Rainbow Disco Club is a festival which the staffs and the attendants get together and create as one. Us, the venue, and the artists are not responsible for any troubles of any case occurred in and outside of the venue during the festival. Attendants must be responsible of themselves, their children, and pets. Thank you.