In 1996, Shigekazu Otake (Dr. & Per.), Tsuyoshi Kosuga (Gt. & Bass), Takumi Kaneko (Key.) met in Boston, the United States, and started jam sessions together. In 1999, after their return to Japan, they formed a band called “Loop Junktion.” They had released a mini-album and two full-albums in 2004 but unfortunately suspended their music activities. In the same year, they returned to the starting line with evolved inspiration, formed a band called “cro-magnon,” and re-started music activities. Whatever the size of their play stages, they always make the audience dance and became so popular in Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia. In 2009, they succeeded in European Tour twice and released their 4th album ”4U” in August. In December, 2010, they released their first collaboration album, “joints,” with vocalists (collaboration artists: Asako Toki, Yu Sakai, Tabito Nanao, Roy Ayers, TWIGY, GAGLE, Chinza Dopeness, S.L.A.C.K. & PUNPEE, MC KAN, Yohei Miyake, Mika Arisaka, Steve Spacek) In April, 2012, they released the first best album, “THE BEST.” In July, the same year, collaborated with popular Japanese cartoon “Hyouge Mono,” released an album “Otsu”. By featuring a Japanese singer, “Ikuzo Yoshi,” they broke a new ground with their new expression. In 2013, they succeeded in their 3rd European Tour. The road movie, uploaded by “THE NORTH FACE” in YOUTUBE, gained big attentions. In July, 2014, they released their 5th original album, “V,” They toured successfully more than 40 locations within Japan. In 2016, they released an album called “cro-magnon-jin,” which is the joint project with DJ JIN from RHYMESTER. In 2019, planning to release new album. Their future success with new creativity is greatly anticipated.