It was a natural thing that CYK came to be — when some of Tokyo’s house freaks came together to throw their own party.Not only a platform for showcasing international guests, CYK is also a collective of DJs, organizers, promoters.
CYK has invited international guests such as Mall Grab,Baba Stiltz, Avalon Emerson, Nachtbraker, Seb Wildblood and Beesmunt Soundsystem to Tokyo and promoted Japanese domestic talents such as Jun Kamoda and Sauce 81 to young clubber. CYK themselves will show off an exclusive B2B set by four members.
We don’t propose any lofty aims as a crew — we simply love to keep representing proper grooviness and to draw partygoers into exciting and immersive dance spaces. Keep your eyes open! More info will be coming soon.

-CYK crew-
Nari / Kotsu / DJ No Guarantee / Naoki Takebayashi