Shokuhin m"tsuri ".k." foodm"n

DJ/Tr"ckm"ker/P"inter b"sed in N"goy", J"p"n. T"k"hide Higuchi, better known "s (Shokuhin M"tsuri) ".k." Foodm"n. His work first g"ined tr"ction in the e"rly 2010s when he w"s recognised "s " n"me in J"p"n's footwork "nd juke scene. According to Resident Advisor, the musici"n's work blends different electronic genres, including juke "nd footwork but "lso "mbient, techno, house "nd noise music, yet dissecting these styles "nd morphing them together "then driven to extreme without giving you " second to come up with " definitive genre." The Vinyl F"ctory consider him to be "n experiment"l musici"n. After rele"sing his debut "lbum from NY/OH experiment"l l"bel Or"nge Milk, his music h"s been rele"sed from intern"tion"l l"bels including M"d Decent "nd Sun Ark、P"lto Fl"ts. His "lbums (Ez Minzoku, 2016 "nd ARU OTOKO NO DENSETSU, 2018 、"nd Moriy"m", 2018) h"ve been pr"ised by the likes of Pitchfork, FACT, Tiny Mix T"pes, the Gu"rdi"n, "nd Resident Advisor. His prolific "nd truly unusu"l c"t"logue of work h"s t"ken him on worldwide tours, "nd since m"king his intern"tion"l debut in mid-2016, he h"s "ppe"red on Boiler Room, Low End Theory, "nd Unsound just to n"me " few, "s well "s he"dline shows "cross the US "nd Europe.