GONNO × The People In Fog

Gonno is without a doubt an integral part of the current wave of house and techno in Japan. His releases have not only appeared on reputable local labels but have also made their way humbly over to the continent.
Gonno always manages to bring an acidy and melodic flavor to his DJ and live sets while still staying true to his house and techno roots. Without fail he draws ravers in with eclectic sounds and the lost art of storytelling behind the decks/machines. As a result of his infectious sets he’s been playing as a DJ around the world such as UK, EU, US, China, South East Asia, India and Australia since now.
Gonno’s release “Acdise #2” on International Feel Recordings in 2011 was his break point to get wider audience, even before its release the EP had frequent play from so many DJs such as Laurent Garnier, James Holden, Francois Kevorkian, Tim Sweeney and Todd Terje, and still continues to be a phenomenal long seller. It’s no exaggeration to say “Acdise #2” is the year’s best Japanese techno tune.
In 2015 Gonno released a full-length solo album for the first time in ten years entitled “Remember The Life Is Beautiful” from Endless Flight which gained him wider recognition and appraise from international audience. His remix of Jeff Mills’ “Light Of Electric Energy” was included in Mills’ album “Where Light Ends,” and other works include his solo EP “The Noughties” on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space Records, and a collaboration EP with Berlin’s Panorama Bar resident Nick Höppner “Fantastic Planet” on Ostgut Ton.
While he'd been touring many countries, he did some remix for the label such as Cocktail D’Amore Music (Berlin), Public Works (San Francisco), Jin (Taipei) and Butter Sessions (Melbourne) etc. Also collaborating with a Japanese drummer Kazuhiko Masumura as "Gonno x Masumura", and putted their album “In Circles” in 2018 on P-vine records Japan. They focuses the fresh impacts between the electronics and the african-infruenced drums as UK Jazz iconic DJ Giles Peterson immediately introduced their track on his radio program at Worldwide FM.
Before 2020 that Covid-19 era started, he had been used to tour arounds energetically like he appeared on Croatia's Dekmantel Selectors, playing at Berghain in Berlin several times in a year, also the annual mini-touring in Canada - US. Meanwhile, the collaboration with Nick Höppner returned and their latest EP “Lost” on Ostgut Ton came out late in 2019.
At the moment Gonno concentrates composing and recording more and his upcoming works will be unveiled soon.

The People In Fog
The People In Fog is a project started in 2013 as an alias of DJ / producer DJ SODEYAMA, the guise sees the Japanese artist's productions lean towards raw house grooves and unique beats.
Following the release of his debut album ‘A Ray of Light’ he went on to release three EP's via the Amsterdam-founded label Sound Of Vast, amongst which the ‘Higher’ EP turned out to be a big hit. The highly acclaimed DJ  uses The People In Fog alias to straddle the lines between the many genre’s that influence him, including house, minimal, breakbeat and jazz among others.
With great anticipation, it was announced his new album ‘1977’ will be released on Sound Of Vast in 2021. His elaborate production skills as well as dynamic groove are expressed throughout the release. The work itself fully expresses not only his first impulses from when he got into house music at an early stage of his DJ career but also many inspirations from the dance floors of the world. Also prevalent is an inquisitive attitude and musical maturity achieved through a DJ career which spans beyond 30 years, his passion towards music has been collated into a collection of tracks and presented here as the past, present and future sound of The People In Fog.