KAORU INOUE aspired to be a DJ around the 90’s, being fully active playing diverse music such as Jazz, Break Beats, African, Brazilian, Asian, etc, in his own distinctive style at various small clubs in Tokyo. Apart from DJing, he also was producing and releasing music since 1994. After that, he produced many tunes as CHARI CHARI for independent labels such as the UK label, PUSSYFOOT owned by HOWIE B. The first album ‘Spring to Summer’ was released on File Records (1999) after rave and house music experiences then received a lot of great reactions from inside and outside Japan. In 2002, the 2nd album ‘In Time’ was released on Toy’s Factory including a big hit tune called ‘Aurora’ which was licensed by many compilations worldwide. Then he has started his own label ‘Seeds And Ground’ in 2003.
It has been continuing to release an epic title such as ‘Sacred Days’, ‘A Missing Myth’ under the real name ‘KAORU INOUE’ so far. Kaoru is also playing guitar and one half of ‘Aurora Acoustic’ - an acoustic guitar duo which is under the influence of minimal, ambient or chill out music. In 2014, he has revived his alias CHARI CHARI as a live band at RA festival Tokyo (at ageHa). Its future activities are greatly anticipated - some brand new EPs coming soon. http://www.seedsandground.com https://soundcloud.com/kaoru324