An active member of TRESVIBES SOUNDSYSTEM along with Satoshi Otsuki and DJ PI-GE, organizes a regular event TRESVIBE. Being based in Tokyo, Kikiorix plays in clubs mainly around Tokyo but also all over Japan. He has played at Japan's music festivals such as Rainbow Disco Club and FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. He has also played in various clubs around the world such as “Somewhere in Amsterdam” at OT301(Amsterdam), Fabric(London), THE END/AKA (London), Space (Ibiza), Tresor (Berlin) etc. In the 2000's, when he moved to London, he became a resident of HOLIC started by Tomoki Tamura. Kikiorix's DJ style today definitely has been influenced by this period of playing at venues in east London. Since he had released his first track, he has been producing continuously. In 2013, he released his first solo album. Following year he launched his label VIS REV SET as TRESVIBES SOUNDSYSTEM.