Kuniyuki × sauce81

Kuniyuki Takahashi has collaborated with many artists, and his live session with Henrik Schwartz and jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi at Monteux Jazz Festival Japan was a big hit. His latest album "Out From The Dust" in 2021 was also highly acclaimed, and he has released gems from many units and projects, including his own alias N'gaho Ta'quia, the unit 77 Karat Gold with Grooveman Spot, and the project "S8102" with Shingo02. He has released many gems from his units and projects such as the famous N'gaho Ta'quia, 77 Karat Gold with Grooveman Spot, and S8102 with Shingo02.

This will be the first time the two have performed together since their live session at the Rainbow Disco Club in Amsterdam, where they were invited to perform at many venues and their releases are of the highest quality and reputation in Japan.