Yoshinori Hayashi

Born in Tokyo. From the time she was in school, she began collecting vinyls in Tokyo and New York where she was staying and started her career as a DJ. In 2012 the official mixed album “ELECTRONIK BEAT PUNK” was released as PUNKADELIX. Starting production of music in the name of a new project "MAYUDEPTH" in 2016, released 2 titles remix work from the label "Shiki Kyokai" presided over by DJ SHUFFLEMASTER who is an Innovator of Japan Techno Sound. In January 2018, brand-new EP entitled "Sneakpeek" as MAYUDEPTH. She continues to explore electronic music without being caught in time or scenes, always with an open attitude. Latest DJ MIX from ACID CAMP, Bottom Forty, Rinse France, Buttons Berlin and more.She is currently a resident at "MOTORPOOL" at Contact Tokyo.