Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton is known as somewhat of a superhero in house music. He has revived the funk approach and roughness for a scene that was becoming a bit cliche. Fulton began by spinning Hip Hop as Dj Scratch in his hometown, Baltimore. There by chance, he hung out with local dance music producers The Basement Boys. They introduced Fulton to house and garage, and took him away from the endless petty feuds started by jokers at rap venues. A keyboard player, Dj and programmer for the renowned group, Fulton contributed his own touch to Ultra Nate’s debut "Blue Notes in the Basement". He then moved to NYC and began recording for UK imprints such as Pagan or Warp before becoming Jimi Tenor’s sidekick accompanying the Finnish superstar on his quest for outstanding performances. This connection lead to Fulton’s better known accomplishments : an amazing track record for respected UK imprints Nuphonic and Transfusion with two subsequent concept LPs: "Stories Of A Broken Heart And Recovering" and "Why Put Me Through It?". This was produced alongside a stunning Bubble Tease release under the name of Syclops. In 2005, he released the album “A Soft Kiss By A Rose” under the name of BOOF on Liquid recordings(JP),"Shhh, Dandelions At Play (Running Back)” in 2011 and "The Hydrangeas Whisper (BubbleTease Communications)” in 2015. He was producing the punk singer MU( Mutsumi Kanamori), who was also his wife. Mu In 2016, he released "We Don’t Know Ep” collaborated with DJ Nori. As well as his energetic production, He takes an active part as DJ in United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan where he comes back every year with his family.