“Music lovers are the same all over the world. In many of the countries I have visited there were often language barriers, however, once the music began to play, we were able to communicate through our music”. Music really is the universal language.”

Sadar Bahar is one of a kind. Raised in Chicago in the early 70s, it was his Mom who brought him his first set of Technics turntables. He’s been digging for records most of his life, and he has yet to take a break. Sadar Bahar’s distinctive stance on the essence of House music has allowed him to stay relevant till this day. With a strictly vinyl-to-vinyl ethos and delivery of deepest and unknown of rare grooves rather than straight beat tracks, Sadar Bahar and his partners at Soul In The Hole strive to keep the soulful vibe alive which in their opinion can only be derived from “real” music, created by “real” musicians playing “real” instruments. Anyone who’s seen him play can attest to the pure brilliance of his art and dedication.