Satoshi & Makoto

The Real Twins duo pursues the possibilities of the renowned CASIO CZ-5000 synthesizer to the limit. The duo was discovered by Young Marco, a DJ/creator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in 2017 they released a full-length album of dreamy electronic new age/ambient tracks produced exclusively with the CASIO CZ-5000 on Young Marco's Safe Trip label. In 2017, he released a full-length album "CZ-5000 Sounds and Sequences" and a 12-inch single "In a Corner of Asia/Tous Les Jours" on the Safe Trip label run by Young Marco. In 2020, he released his second album, "CZ-5000 Sounds and Sequences Vol. 2", and is also working on creative activities under the names of Satori and WheelRock.